FlingOS Compiler "The IL scanner failed to load target architecture"

I've been trying to set up C# for kernel dev after following the FlingOS video tutorials and I can't seem to shake a problem I'm having with the FlingOS compiler.

I've tried building through VS2015, VS2013, and then manually in command-line with the FlingOS compiler (concluding that the latter is the source of the error) and I get one particular error every time. My machine is in French so parts of the error came back in French and I've translated them accordingly so they may not be a perfect correlation to the English version of the error.

Here's what I get:

Error : ILC0004: The IL scanner failed to load the target architecture. Impossible to load the file or assembly 'file:///D:\OSev\FlingOS-develop\Releases\Compiler\Drivers.Compiler.Architectures.x86.dll' or one of its dependencies. The operation is not supported. (Exception from HRESULT : 0x80131515) in :0
Error : ILC0002: The IL compiler failed to compile due to null reference. The object reference is not defined in one instance of an object. in :0
Driver compiler finished @ 16:26:55 in :0
Compile time : 00:00:00.1009980 in :0
Error code : ILCompilerFailed in :0

Thanks! I love the FlingOS project.


  • Hi Jack,
    Firstly, extremely sorry that your discussion wasn't published months ago. An automatic update to the site switched on a moderation feature that I had no idea about so there was a "hidden" list of discussions I wasn't aware of.

    If you're still trying to tackle the issue then I can hopefully help. It looks like the Drivers.Compiler.Architectures.x86_32.dll library hasn't been compiled. The build order is a bit odd which means you have to compile the architecture libraries separately (/individually) otherwise they won't build. Right click on them and hit "Rebuild". That shouldn't produce any compiler errors. Let me know if you still run into problems.

    Once again, very sorry I didn't notice your post sooner. I'm aware of the issue now so new discussions/posts will be published within 24 hours of posting.

    Kind regards,
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