Generating the ISO image from the tutorials on linux

I am looking online for information on your ISO 9660 generator used in the tutorials, and I cannot find any. I am wondering what exactly the parameters are used in the script, specifically what "isolinux-debug.bin" and "true" are being passed in as, so that I can replicate this using linux's genisoimage.

Tools\ISO9660Generator.exe 4 "%CD%\SampleKernel.iso" "%CD%\ISO\isolinux-debug.bin" true "%CD%\ISO"

$ genisoimage -o samplekernel.iso ISO/ gives me a "no bootable medium found" error, so im suspecting my missing parameters have something to do with it.


  • This worked for me

    echo "Making ISO Image..."
    cd ISO
    mkisofs -o ../samplekernel.iso -b isolinux-debug.bin -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table .
  • Hi,
    Glad you were able to resolve your issue. Sorry we didn't reply sooner - everything's been pretty hectic here and to top it off, the Vanilla Forums notification system went down without us noticing!

    For others reading this the parameters to the ISO9660Generator.exe program are as follows:
    - 0 : Boot Load Size (in 512-byte sectors) = 4 for 2048 bytes. This is pretty much always 4.
    - 1 : Output file name = The fully-qualified path and name of the .ISO file to output
    - 2 : Boot file name = The fully-qualified path and name of the binary file to use as the bootloader.
    - 3 : (bool) Whether to include the boot information table or not. True for bootable ISO files.
    - 4 : Include folder = The fully-qualified path to the folder (/directory) containing the files to include in the ISO file.

    For future reference, the program source code is available at:

    Hope this helps!
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